Nasi Goreng BHAKTI

Never wonder the fried rice is can be as delicious as BHAKTI.
In my imagination, fried rice is just fried rice. Nothing special.

But, on Thursday night,  fried rice is not as the same anymore..xixixi
BHAKTI is greatest fried rice among other..also SATOO fried rice…kekeke
When the rice touched my tongue surface, tastes of egg, rice (of course), spices, meat ball are melted into one sensation.
If I try to described the tastes, it could be :
– spices (salt, sugar, red onion, garlic, pepper, etc)
– an egg
– rice
– i don’t know…:p


What the different with my fried rice?

Anyway, guys, it recomended bended place just in case if you hungry in the middle of the night..tryin’ to adequate your hunger before
go to heaven on your pillow….:D


Place : @ Jl. Bhakti, around Blok-S


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