Japan’s Night

Last wednesday night, me and Karib made another date after office hour.
That time we desperately hunger and decided to PIM 2 for chasing some food for our dinner.

We agreed to Sushi Tei at PIM 2.
Hm…the Barongsai greet us with Chinese music accompaniment.
That wednesday is two days after Chinese New Year, so no wonder, we still can found Chinese ambience around the mall. Red big lampion, chinese calligraphy, chong xiam, chinese souvenir and so on that identified chinese.
Red in every spot PIM 2.


Before Sushi Tei, we droped in to Gramedia, one local book store at there. We separated, he met his old friend just at the moment we set down Gramedia and I just walked away to Novel shelf area.

I’m so suprised knowing that a lot of new indonesian novel. Not like ordinary day when I looked around the book store,
that day I seriously gave attention for each title. It was fun and leting the book choose its owner was another fancyfree.
My privilige freezed out and Yakuza Moon* choose me.


Our Japan’s night completed with dinner time.
We dinner at Sushi Tei. What a wonderful choice for closed out the night.
My order was Spicy Ramen and crisyproll, Karib’s order was kind of poulp.
I really enjoyed the night.
In front of moving round table, we talked about everything that we’d done a whole that day.
Talked about friends, job, our future..


Finally, spicy ramen couldn’t be unfinished anymore…we already sated..but the nite was so lamentable to be ended…




*Yakuza Moon : Novel by Shoko Tendo, memoar of yakuza’s daughter.


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