Come to Realize

I’ve been far away from home for around 7 years. Since I was teenage at Regina Pacis Senior High School
until a few years in University of Indonesia. What a great time had been spent.
That time I didn’t think that quality time with family was really important for self development.
Precisely I ignored and tried to getting far from family, specially my mom.
I was thinking I would gave my best and prove that I  could did all things alone.
In fact, I sometimes called her while my sickness attack. Poor me…only remind my mom when i’m sick…:(
Today—since my graduation 1 year ago—I’ve been live (again) with my mom, and feel (again) having “real” mom.
See her every morning, talk to her in every time as I could, quarell in a moment, joking, watch reality show and
of course the SINETRON….oh gosh…Melati untuk Marvel and Alisha is a must to be watched for her…
She won’t miss out the schedule and for 1,5 hours onward she hand tv remote control.
*please stop it mom…:(
Her schedule for sure influence my day… and seduce me to watch same program.
Actually we have another tv, but I don’t like watching alone in the sucks for me.
(Imagine everyday I’m talkin’ to flat monitor and all its program @ my office..and should repeated that things again??!

Now, (while i’m see her white hair) i’m trying to treat her good.


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