Strength of Human

I think each people having what I call as unconscious and conscious power.
In our daily life we consider to doing our activities by conscious power. We take some standard from what can we do and what can’t we do.
For sure that’s classification comes up from our conscious thought of how far we can doing activities with our conscious power.

That thought remind me with my experience on few years ago.
Approximately on 2004, a friend of mine whom worked in radio offered me one ticket concert for Maxim (pianist from UK whom in his promotour). He called me around 6 pm, told me that one of my favourites artist had came to Jakarta and did his concert. Spontaneus I answered “Yes! I’ll come to your office and take the ticket” (whereas that time I didn’t have enough money, I mean I just got around 50 thousand rupiah in my pocket). After rang-off the phone I ran to the station and took train in to my friend’s office. That moment me not in secure condition, because I didn’t bring enough money, my battery mobile was low, I came by my self attended the concert without enough money and don’t know how to came home either…=)
But after all, then I watched the concert happily and came home safely (someone picked me up with angry..Goshh…!)

That experience show me that I have somekind what I call as unconscious power inside. Just doing what I believe.
What I mean, I know when I am doing that activity or take chance of it there will come a way which will upgrade my chip of life.
But where it comes from is kind of life’s mystery.
Maybe instead unconscious power I call it as my Holly Spirit’s power.
what a wonderful world


3 thoughts on “Strength of Human

  1. Nice post!

    Yes, we sometimes doing our life without realize what we’ve done. But actually the unconscious mind always comes from conscious one. when you do your activity with you conscious mind then it become a habit then make it become unconscious mind. I read it from a book but I forgot it’s title.

    Anyway… I like reading your post. 😉

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