This few days behind, I received lot of advices.
My friends, mom, siblings told me many wise word. It just came suddenly and suprisely came in the same time (lotus notes messenger..ahaha). For me, they are meaning a lot.

Specially in this moment.

This morning, friend of mine send a message :
 “Morning, how r u today?everythings allright…?”

then after the noon he sent :
 “start your day not just with hope, but with “action” who needs words,   when u got action..”
After being lonely for this few weeks then I take this message as a compliment for my loneliness. Like it.
That advices messages have realised me that I have wonderful, loyal person whom complete my life in this world. They add my values of life..not just them I think, all the human surrounded me completed as well.

Jesus Christ above and based of all, You are the one that permit all this condition happened to me…behind the storm there will come rainbow..


*The messages taken from Dani the sailorman..Thnx Dude!


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