One of my favourite web is
Dear gals, as your information this website is a must to be observed! I mean it.

This web consist of many kind of bags.
And the most reason that made me to open and open again (soon to be listed as buyer..hehe) that those stuff are made in Indonesia..!
From all kind of bags, I really fell in love with Bianca (look at the pic)-all bags named as a chics’ name which I thought its smart-.

Few years ago like is hardly to found chic bags made in Indonesia with good quality and model (price indeed). Now, many creative people came around and sometimes “create what they want to create” not “what people want”. U know what I mean reader?

Since am not working in creative industry, I think this fenomena will creaase constantly because of  many factors of course (moneter, money, satisfaction, proud..sotoy mode on deh lo, Na!)

The point is from now on “aku cinta produk2 Indonesia!!”..
Glad and proud as Indonesian!


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