Odyssey by Addie MS

Odyssey by Addie MS was"Odyssey" held on 29 November 2009 at Plenary Hall.

That night the concert started at 8.30 pm, 30 minute passed from the schedule.

Odyssey began after Nicolas Saputra did his opening monolog. This monolog followed with Addie and his white conductor costume whom out from backstage. Everybody were applaused welcoming  the main actor that night. 

The Odyssey is concert aimed celebrate his 50 years old and 30 years for his career. The stage was designed with black and white notes of piano. There are also performance chamber, Twillite Orchestra, Twillite Youth and Theresia Chamber Orchestra. Behind chamber area, some empty space used for Twillite Choir supported by STIE Perbanas Choir.

From this concert, I saw that Addie is not just a musician. I mean, he just a man whom persistence on his path and ethusiasm of aspire in life. He already know what he wanted -after he got the piano already-. Since 30 years ago there are a lot things that he had done -me knew from the naration-. Stick in music and education, he always believe that music and education are two among many kind items that have to be concerned. Music bring us peace and passion, always support our feels and brain as well, making peace and understanding in different language which is understand by other -while it just can be heard and feel..sometimes doesn’t need to understand the meaning of the song..just feel it.

From many musicians were involved in this concert, I also saw the other isde of Addie, he  is typical low profile and shy guy also. Funny. Many musicians came from pop and classic genre joined this concert. Some of them are Bunga Citra Lestari, Vina Panduwinata, Linda Sitinjak, Levi Gunardi, Binu Sukaman, his family -Memes, Kevin- and many more.

This concert ended at 12 pm in the silent of night, between the noise of Black Djarum and Wedding exhibition..

Happy birthday Addies MS..!


2 thoughts on “Odyssey by Addie MS

  1. hm…

    kalo udah gitu…Mas Adi MS biografinya bisa jadi cermin nda buat kamu…

    I hope on 15-30 years from now, kamu yang bikin konser ulang tahun seperti itu…

    ayo donk mau ngapain lagi, apa yang ditunggu buka jalan kesitu donk…hehehehe…

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