..berjuta rasa rindu..

 ” suatu saat yang biru tanpa dirimu..berjuta rasa rindu kepadamu…”

That lyric was created by Shandy Sondoro -the winner of New Wave 2009- I have heard his song for late few days and love it so much.

Sometimes while listen a good song (include lyric & melody) I wonder that “how this all people create it, what are they feel so that the song can influenced others” I adore people whom create unique things and not follow other’s path and it can be anything, (music, poem, robot, building, book, etc). I think human as creator is better than follower but sometimes we declare that process of mimicry (learned process) as our faith to be. It is also happened with song creation. The song especially doesn’t have the limit. People can create the song because of influenced from some songs that had been heard before and their life experience. Me just enjoy it (me as consument not follower lho….:D)

Ok back again, Shandy. I heard his song for times. Can’t be counted anymore. His voice is look likes Rod Stewart and its beautiful. Just check out the link and enjoy Shandy..currently his song also played in radio..


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