Birthday Bags (Izzy Bag)

My birthday has passed 2 months ago but the present is still coming till now.
Actually last year was passed unexcited at all. Really.
I am soooo not exciting welcoming my birthday as well as new year 2010.
But afterall it passed as it was.Good.

So, birthday bags,
I have got 3 bags for my birthday present. One from nyo2 and 2 others were gave by a  friend of mine, Adhi and Teguh.
First I choosed by my self, at Plasa Senayan, and two others is called Izzy bag (could be seen at

First bag I got while me and Nyo were walked around the mall to celebrated my birthday. At the moment she offered me the birthday present (this ritual started last year after years age of our friendship).
I picked the black Mphosis, small one but nice.
Then today (1 February 2010) I get 2 bags all at once in one present box.
One red Izzy Bag and other is brown shopping bag. nice.
Suprised me because I just read Izzy Bag’s blog  the day before I get the bag.
So coincedence..hehe

Once time when I read blog of Izzy Bag, thought that so creative and unique.
The bag is consist of many small pockets around it.
I’ve just thought to buy it in this month, Yes, because it’s really must have item..;)
Made in Indonesia (I prefer to buy Indonesian product nowadays, I’ve got bag from, mphosis,
and Izzy Bag soon, for shoes I’ve got one from I Shoes) and nice indeed.

So, lets use our own products reader…!

Thanks Dude!


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