JJF 2010

Java Jazz Festival 2010 (JJF 2010) was held on 5-7 March 2010 at PRJ Kemayoran. This big event was promoted by PT. Java Festival Production. Thought this is the 4th times of the event.

I got 2 free tickets on 6 and 7 March 2010 and I do went there by night. The parking lot filled for sure. I queued for 1,5 hours and just got parking because of my friend’s car is tiny enough..:D

I missed Shandy Sandoro and Glenn on first day because many audiences (just like me) have in line of the hall. The different is Iwas not persistence to keep my faith and power to get in through the crowd. Instead of both local male singer I went to George Duke’s hall. Who will regret George Duke, btw. Me enjoyed his performance so much. As a man whom has natural born killer insting, he just excellent (while there is no perfection of music itself). Duke’s performance was featuring one male and female vocalist (i did record them). Their not just having an angel voice but also gesture and expression. What an awesome combination.
Quite sexy.

Second day is better than previous day. I mean, from parking side and its queue, thought that there are many people fed up effected they have chosen for not coming in the last day event.
I saw Baby Face, Andien and Rufus. The last day of JJF 2010 was not closed with gala. I mean, it just end as the last performance ended.

Above all the weaknesses and strengths, I do enjoy this JJF 2010. Thanks for the tickets!


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