May 9th, 2010 — Weekend w/ Konny


What were you doing last weekend readers?
I’ve been spent busy day with family and friends last weekend.
I’ve a new friends, named Konny Estonactoc. She is Phillipino and yes does pretty. I have changed to company her went to St. Theresia last Sunday. We already browsed the Catholic’s church which having English mass schedule.  After found Kapel Atmajaya which not existed anymore, then we were went to St. Theresia. St. Theresia provide two English mass schedule.Saturday at 4 pm and Sunday at 11 am.
My mom and I did company her after we met the obligations in our church. After picked her up, then we had our breakfast at Bakmi Gondangdia. One among other ancient restaurant in Jakarta. Konny reserved Bakmi Gondangdia with pangsit and meat ball (absolutely large porsion for her) and I reserved nasi cah brokoli. What a very large menu for breakfast. But anyhow, since we will do a lot activities in a day, little grease not affect too much in our wonderland lah..:p
So St. Theresia
This was my first time went to St. Theresia. I did suprise and felt so
mesmerized. The ambience, the prayer, the music, the people those things were comfort me so. Coincidently, that Sunday was also Mother’s Day, so the Father invited all mothers whom attended on that mass no exception my Mom. My mother lined up to get a red rose and greet from Father.
Other situation which also heartwarming while I heard the song titled, Praise Her with Flower, I had tears to my Mom.

Ended up with mass, we went to Leather Exhibition at JCC.
Knowing that I did not had any activity to be attend,  I invited Konny to attended the exhibition. From that exhibit, I know that many goods made of leather which was good. Really.
Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos in the exhibit. So many people and
tired up so.

I do had a great weekend on last Sunday. Hope all of you spent the great weekend as well.

PS : If you had a chance to attend local exhibition, please attend.
At least would add our knowledge.
Auf wiedersehen..!


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