Snail Soup @Purwekerto

I want to share my first experience dine snail’s soup.
4 days ago I went to Purwokerto (one among the cities in Central Java) in order to social mission, and this city offered its local food delights, Snail soup.

Nearby our hotel -Hotel Borobudur- there was famous Snail soup seller, called Keong Pasar Pereng Pak Bambang. Located at Pereng traditional market. Snail soup usually selled in the night. So, while dining time came, we couldn’t waste time no more. Snail soup is created from snail (of course) -the small one- and spices. It has clear gravy and the taste was nice and warm up.

How to eat it?
Easy. Just slurping or pulled the snail’s meat with teeth puncture.
This will make you addictive. Trust me.

Read from, Snail that also called “Tutut”  contains macronutrien (form as high protein) and micronutrein (form as mineral and calcium).

Hope u not missed “tutut” while rush past Purwekerto.


One thought on “Snail Soup @Purwekerto

  1. Hai Nana, tutut dan keong di hotel Borobudur itu beda jenis kah? Kalau tutut itu keong kecil2 makanan jaman dulu. Tapi sekarang katanya bahaya.. It is not only contain minerals but chemical pesticides as well due to misleading Green Revolution policy. Anyway great blog and keep blogging.. 🙂

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