Balinese traditional wedding

Honestly this is my first time attended the Balinese traditional wedding celebration
and suprisingly,it was my cousin’s wedding.

Here are some things to be shared,

Really appreciate Balinese because largely of Balinese family having their own sanctuary. Sure it depends on family’s financial condition -sanctuary’s criteria-. Its carved so beautiful. Knowing how Balinese love and worship their God flicking me out.
The Balinese also plait. They create sanctuary’s decoration from palm tree and it was damn nice. An incredible local knowledge when compared with the city-er.

In this wedding ceremony I did taste traditional food. All was good!Really.
I pretty much like Balinese satay (pork and chicken are my fave).
Its taste spicy and savory. Other is Nasi campur. A dish which consist of rice and many kind of vegetable and side dish. We can find it at traditional market, the last time I ate at
Klungkung traditional market. The famous one menu that called, ayam bumbu bali.  I thought that Jakarta been provided this menu as well.

The bride and groom is really appreciate their elder. They both have to accompany all guests,  serve coffee and traditional snacks during the day. Wedding ceremony itself celebrated in one day, but usually guests has came from two days before.  Poor of my cousin, he even not took a bath in one day! Many guests came like a hundreds for a day…:p

hope can enjoy other traditional wedding ceremony…
maybe the next…me!
Matur sukseme…


2 thoughts on “Balinese traditional wedding

  1. Na, I suggest you to come on batakness wedding ceremony..
    even you weren’t came on my wedding, but for my brothers wedding.. you could come and enjoy the traditional wedding from Sumatra, Indonesia.

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