do we live to eat or eat to live?

 This question raised up while i was attending my friend’s wedding party. The party was held for 2 hours and enough to made me want to run away immediately.

Problem was dinner.

I had been wondered, precisely as this article’s title, do we live to eat or eat to live? Every people in that night were seemed hunger a lot (time showed at 8 pm). Me and my mom were stucked at the moment by the time we entered the garden (actually the party was designed as a garden party but rain had screwed up their plan I guess). We were looked around, come on…there wasn’t food..! great.

I haunted in every food’s spot but NIHIL. No food.

But thats ok. My main concern was regard their(invitees) attitude while faced the food. There is no queue anymore, people were attacked from many sides (in the queue there should be any one side toh), their eyes were so greedy while saw the food (there are somewhich are presented later). Suddenly, I hold my mom’s hand and said “let’s go home, mom. Better eat soto at our shop”





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