communication is the key, and it’s one thing I had
to learn-to talk to the actors. I was so involved with
the visual and technical aspects that I would forget
about the actors
” – Steve Buscemi


Short and explicit. Communicate definitely represent the
actors. How they talk (the tone, word which used, etc)  explain us regard their feeling and mind in particular time.

This quote exactly can be implemented in any situation.
Unexception mine. I am undergoing the long distance relationship
with my Pie. He has stayed at Palembang, South Sumatra for indefinitely and me at Jakarta. I agree maybe this kind of relation is so usual for you,  some couples, and read my story is kinda silly reading. But do not worry ladies/gentleman whom sitting in the same bench as me. Been there and still on progress by now.
First month is full of tears. Many condition and things remind me of him (I betcha he felt the same!!). Cause realize that we are apart in hundred kilos has really bite me. The one that God thanked is we are still 2gether in this rich country. Although have to spend more money for communication, I do will do. We always phoning everyday. Share the daily’s stories. Heard his voice, laugh, anger, sad, etc make me happier.
Second month, time after time judulnya akhirnya terbiasa.
We are more creative. I mean, we more enjoy (read : condition acceptance) and try to looking many ways of communication. As example, buy many phone chips (I got 3 providers by now). Looking for promo which been held by phone provider (jd itu yg i do will do di paragraf sblmnya…batal. hehe..reality bites.) Then, we also do the video call, email, chat, the point is all kind mode of communication yg mendukung “keingintahuan” kegiatan si pasangan pokoknya, dan tentunya, murah…:)
The third will come forward soon…tp rehat sebentar ya..soalnya
Pie dateng si hari ini…ahay!!
—to be continued—


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