Togetherness through Break fasting


Happy Eid Fitri 1431 H dear you whom celebrate the festive!

I just back from Solo during Ramadhan holidays. How about you,, where were you going??!

For all those moslem, month of Ramadhan is highly-anticipated month of a year which there are many activities only held in this month. Not only the activity, some beverages and foods also be presented only in what they called as months a thousand months.

The mostly activity that been held and must be joined by everyone is many kind breakfasting with friends and family. As I know the point of Ramadhan itself  is fasting therefore also be called as fasting month as well. Many people won’t missed the chance in togetherness’ break fasting,this activity is one from many kind activity that must be held, joined and enjoyed. Not exception me also.  Although am not moslems, my friends were not forgotten and alineated. This activity has been part of mine as I studied in government university around 7 years ago…#o Gosh..tua jg gue.

So,,here are some pictures of me and my friends in many place for break fasting.

Goelali in action

IT Department Break fasting

Antropologi 2003

Paragita 2003

Hope all of you enjoy your break fasting together with friends and family.

Once again Happy Eid Fitri 1431 H !! See you in the next Ramadhan




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