Eat Pray Love..

Suddenly burned up with EPL, me and Minyo, my best, decided to watch
this movie.

Her name is Liz.
Charming,loveable and has a high level of reslessness.
Liz has tried many ways to find her happiness.
Married with a man that she loved is not enough for her to find the passion of life.
Most film is purposed to achieved the happiness, but EPL make happiness as a
matter of life. Liz’s life.

I do agree with statement that we all have find our own happiness. The real one.
Some people do care but most of us,careless.
True happiness -in my tought- is feeling and what ever the form which can be brought to our life after the dead. Eternal life. Life which will exist for forever. I am not mention that happiness because of a thing is cheesy one, you know, the car,house, our children, family, lot of money. But yes it is so cheesy if we compare those things with heaven, of course. Ironicly those cheesy things have to be used as a tool during our world’s trip to achieve our heaven in real heaven of God. We have to fight the desire of owning something in this world because of conservation laws. None in this world is eternal.

Finding God is trully not an easy thing I believe. Through this movie, Ketut (the medicine man and fortune teller) teach me to live life in balance.

“..the life should balance. We have  stand in the central line between heaven and earth.
Not leaving God and not being selfish…”

The medicine man adviced Liz to pray in the morning (in a good and right way),  enjoy Bali and all her life by afternoon then back into her full consciousness in the night. You hope, practice and evaluate your own life every each day. In my side, why every morning because morning (read:sun) is symbol of life. The sun is energy of life and for that cheapest miracle which we got, we should greet God in every single morning. Thanked for it. Ketut remind me that we should communicate in many feelings with Him. Both sad and happy times.

I’ve remembered some quotes just incase you need it…

– Liz said when she sit in the Colloseum, Rome
“…Ruins is good. Ruins is the road to transformation..”

– Someone whom doing meditation in India (The Man)
” just share your love and happiness to the one that had been love you, you can crying, loving, caring, but after that…drop it.”


Lesson come in many ways I thought…included times had been spent at Ceetos, October 14th 2010 – 6.45 pm





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