New Year’s in Kampoong!


Happy New Year everyone..

I know, thought thats lil’ bit too late..:)

How’s your new year eve?

What?? Mine?? Come on…am asking you first…

hmm…you want my story first?? really? will you stay until the end of

you sure?? (thinkin: am not)

you promise me??

really?? not leaving me?

ok..take ur promise.

Be there and listen carefully.

My New Year’s eve was great. Solo and its people was great.Yes, I celebrated new year’s eve at Solo, my mom’s kampoong.
I always enjoyed the city. Its ambience, environment, people,food,
Places which always attended by me and mom is Pasar Gede and Pasar Klewer.

Both traditional market provided our fave ice, called Dawet. Made
originally from flour which formed into many shapes. All mixed into one and swim in gravy made from palm sugar.
Fresh and not leave any bitter taste in the throat caused no preservative in it.

This new year’s eve was celebrated at my grandma’s home.The theme was “Burn while u sleep”…haha. My aunties and I prepare the theme and also foodies and beverages. I did decorate my grandma’s terrace. Yeap.
We had a great garden nite party.

Table is set as cooking show in television. My aunties made pasta and chinese food (what a combinationn..). We also prepare the breads (for burger and hot dog), vegets, and many cokes so my little cousins can cooked. They are so creative, made chef hat from newspaper….hahaha what a go green volunteers.
Burn while u sleep completed with Pajamas dresscode. The dresscode represent that u have to be yourself and lets be comfort –>those meanings should be represent our position within the family.
We must be our self yet comfort in the family circle, right?

The New Year’s eve always began and ended with prayer. First prayer,thanked for year in the past –for all goodness and sadness– and to hope that the new year’s show will run smoothly and succesfully.
The last dedicated for our life in this new year, our future. There will lot of challenge which will support and push us harder than last year. We requested strength and patient to face all challenges so that we can be more valuable person than as we are now after we can pass it through.

That moment was warmful. Prayer and praise Lord together. The moment that will always be enjoyed while I alone sometimes. Sing along, pray, cook, dine and (this is the main show that cousins
doesn’t like) clean together…

All was great.

Hope you have a great warm new year’s eve too..

Please be nice and kind to it manies..:)

I do believe it will cureable and yet fun!



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