Back again!

How are you? me hope you’re fine in the greatest healthy life.

Last night, christian employee at my office were celebrated both christmas
and new year eve. As steering committee, I have some duties to got to do, as a reception and consumption as well as drama actress ..:) Somehow I feel
not attracted to involved in this kind (read: religious) event at the office. Seems like “oh, come on…”, but this time kinda different, you know what if God has a will, then there I,You, We…will.
I just feel, this what God’s will. He permits me to join in this event and
turn me into “OK God” person, answer “Yes” for several bids in this committee.

The eve was enlivened by Trio Mahanaem, Yohanna Nainggolan and Gracesia Valentine. All are relatives from our employee. Those angels bring me into heavenly environment.
I mean it. They do good with their talent. God send them, that night, to realize me that many great people surrounded are God’s people. Sometimes hardly to greatful for common those and these things when they were around us every day. I get use to and no longer assess them as extraordinary pieces. Through those people, the performers, I was reminded again. I was reminded
that the people who surrounded me are extraordinary. They will and always be extraordinary.
They (read: family) always there …welcoming me after the party has over.

As Bbih said :

“Sejelek apapun, keluarga kita tetap keluarga kita. Family comes
first, dear”

Priest Mangapul Sagala in powerful preaching said that we, Sons of God,
must be rooted, growing and fruitful in our life.
As he said so, I do agree that we have to take those topic seriously. We,
as Christian oftenly not showing our Christian’s behaviour.
We come and go to the church every Sunday but still not understand what
God’s willng. We -in practically- take many decision that precisely we know as a sin. Just come and go. I don’t have any rights to judge others behaviour, but again, Mr. Mangapul was reminded me.
He used the analogy of rooted, like banyan tree “Please imitate its root”, he said. The root always looking for deeper and safer place.
The root always find a gap on the bottom, left and right side, he never
stop and that activity make it strong for any condition.
Again am drowning in the silence of thought.

I like my friends’ quote in her email’s footnote :

“What benefit does it have, if a man gains the whole world but loses
his soul?
What can man give in exchange of his soul?”



One thought on “Drowning

  1. hah? aq kok ketinggalan baca yg ini, padahal udh sering bolak-balik ngeliat blog mu utk membaca post yg baru..hehe.. *akhirnya bisa baca yg baru juga..hahaha…*
    I will permalink this post to my blog, could I?
    Keep faithful & fruitful yah Na…
    I also like your friend’s quote! ^_*

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