New Hobbies

Hi there,,

Wanna share u ’bout my new hobbies!

My new hobbies since,hmmmm last week I guess, are labeling and create my travelling scrap book.

The first one is caused of seeing my office mate’s name label. Thought it was cutie and functioned as well then I decided to order it to friend of mine. Office mate too (doesn’t mean that we underpaid…:p). After receive my name label, yes I excited. I choose combination of soft colors it was purple, pink and yellow. I was starting to put it on all my office kit. I put on stationary, glass, spoon, fork, my personal computer, books, iso sketch, I put it everywhere in order to inform people that those are MY stuff. Yes. Really need big M and Y cause after moved to this glam big building, I felt more un-insecure.

My nextie hobby is write down all my journey experience into scrap book. The book was free gift from More mags (as follower @nadyahutagalung, I do follow her ‘world go green’ campaign as well). I have noted my Bali and JJF and there will more post in this free gift book. Yes it’s quite fun. I do. Ow I also write down all information, as sample the destinations, price of some food, do’s and don’ts, and local vocabs. All details that can be used next either for me (again) or friends.

Hope my kids someday will read, acknowledge and amazed their mother’s young life.

What’s yours?
Share it won’t u!



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