New Year’s in Kampoong!


Happy New Year everyone..

I know, thought thats lil’ bit too late..:)

How’s your new year eve?

What?? Mine?? Come on…am asking you first…

hmm…you want my story first?? really? will you stay until the end of

you sure?? (thinkin: am not)

you promise me??

really?? not leaving me?

ok..take ur promise.

Be there and listen carefully.

My New Year’s eve was great. Solo and its people was great.Yes, I celebrated new year’s eve at Solo, my mom’s kampoong.
I always enjoyed the city. Its ambience, environment, people,food,
Places which always attended by me and mom is Pasar Gede and Pasar Klewer.

Both traditional market provided our fave ice, called Dawet. Made
originally from flour which formed into many shapes. All mixed into one and swim in gravy made from palm sugar.
Fresh and not leave any bitter taste in the throat caused no preservative in it.

This new year’s eve was celebrated at my grandma’s home.The theme was “Burn while u sleep”…haha. My aunties and I prepare the theme and also foodies and beverages. I did decorate my grandma’s terrace. Yeap.
We had a great garden nite party.

Table is set as cooking show in television. My aunties made pasta and chinese food (what a combinationn..). We also prepare the breads (for burger and hot dog), vegets, and many cokes so my little cousins can cooked. They are so creative, made chef hat from newspaper….hahaha what a go green volunteers.
Burn while u sleep completed with Pajamas dresscode. The dresscode represent that u have to be yourself and lets be comfort –>those meanings should be represent our position within the family.
We must be our self yet comfort in the family circle, right?

The New Year’s eve always began and ended with prayer. First prayer,thanked for year in the past –for all goodness and sadness– and to hope that the new year’s show will run smoothly and succesfully.
The last dedicated for our life in this new year, our future. There will lot of challenge which will support and push us harder than last year. We requested strength and patient to face all challenges so that we can be more valuable person than as we are now after we can pass it through.

That moment was warmful. Prayer and praise Lord together. The moment that will always be enjoyed while I alone sometimes. Sing along, pray, cook, dine and (this is the main show that cousins
doesn’t like) clean together…

All was great.

Hope you have a great warm new year’s eve too..

Please be nice and kind to it manies..:)

I do believe it will cureable and yet fun!



20-10-2010 20:10 pm

“dia bukan zat..dia roh…”


20 10 2010 20.10 pm — Tan Malaka began

Accidentally, my 20 10 2010 was closed by enjoyed Opera of Tan Malaka at Salihara.

How ’bout y?


Program book of Tan Malaka Opera




Eat Pray Love..

Suddenly burned up with EPL, me and Minyo, my best, decided to watch
this movie.

Her name is Liz.
Charming,loveable and has a high level of reslessness.
Liz has tried many ways to find her happiness.
Married with a man that she loved is not enough for her to find the passion of life.
Most film is purposed to achieved the happiness, but EPL make happiness as a
matter of life. Liz’s life.

I do agree with statement that we all have find our own happiness. The real one.
Some people do care but most of us,careless.
True happiness -in my tought- is feeling and what ever the form which can be brought to our life after the dead. Eternal life. Life which will exist for forever. I am not mention that happiness because of a thing is cheesy one, you know, the car,house, our children, family, lot of money. But yes it is so cheesy if we compare those things with heaven, of course. Ironicly those cheesy things have to be used as a tool during our world’s trip to achieve our heaven in real heaven of God. We have to fight the desire of owning something in this world because of conservation laws. None in this world is eternal.

Finding God is trully not an easy thing I believe. Through this movie, Ketut (the medicine man and fortune teller) teach me to live life in balance.

“..the life should balance. We have  stand in the central line between heaven and earth.
Not leaving God and not being selfish…”

The medicine man adviced Liz to pray in the morning (in a good and right way),  enjoy Bali and all her life by afternoon then back into her full consciousness in the night. You hope, practice and evaluate your own life every each day. In my side, why every morning because morning (read:sun) is symbol of life. The sun is energy of life and for that cheapest miracle which we got, we should greet God in every single morning. Thanked for it. Ketut remind me that we should communicate in many feelings with Him. Both sad and happy times.

I’ve remembered some quotes just incase you need it…

– Liz said when she sit in the Colloseum, Rome
“…Ruins is good. Ruins is the road to transformation..”

– Someone whom doing meditation in India (The Man)
” just share your love and happiness to the one that had been love you, you can crying, loving, caring, but after that…drop it.”


Lesson come in many ways I thought…included times had been spent at Ceetos, October 14th 2010 – 6.45 pm




My Grandfather’s Clock

On October 3rd, 2010, I’ve lost my beloved Grandfather.
I almost forget how is the feeling.Yes, that feel. Feel of lost.
Have not forget past the pain which i felt, and another pain has came. This pain.

We heard the news after finished our Sunday Service.
My mother told me after she read all those messages which fulled her inbox
and she was shocked. When my mother said that my grandfather was dead,
I immediately took her hand and asked him to go home together to the house and then go to Solo.
The place for my grandfather’s funeral.

Tears seem can’t be stopped from my mom
This is her 2nd lost after my father.
Hope she will be strong after all lost that were happened.

God blees u abundantly, Mom..!

One weird thing has happened on that day.
My grandfather’s clock suddenly stop clicking by the time his final breath,
and then started again after all the funeral session has been done. What a clock.
In his life, this watch is functioned as time signal for him..
Well, I’ll see u in heaven Eyang!

..berjuta rasa rindu..

 ” suatu saat yang biru tanpa dirimu..berjuta rasa rindu kepadamu…”

That lyric was created by Shandy Sondoro -the winner of New Wave 2009- I have heard his song for late few days and love it so much.

Sometimes while listen a good song (include lyric & melody) I wonder that “how this all people create it, what are they feel so that the song can influenced others” I adore people whom create unique things and not follow other’s path and it can be anything, (music, poem, robot, building, book, etc). I think human as creator is better than follower but sometimes we declare that process of mimicry (learned process) as our faith to be. It is also happened with song creation. The song especially doesn’t have the limit. People can create the song because of influenced from some songs that had been heard before and their life experience. Me just enjoy it (me as consument not follower lho….:D)

Ok back again, Shandy. I heard his song for times. Can’t be counted anymore. His voice is look likes Rod Stewart and its beautiful. Just check out the link and enjoy Shandy..currently his song also played in radio..


The most favourite word for me. For now. Not because am trully in love nor surrounded with lots of love. Just because of love is could raise up magic behaviour.  Called magic of course because I don’t know where it comes from, how can I do that to other people whom was choosen to be loved. Subject and the object when we fall in love is absolutely my self. How it could be? I do not know.

I read one reflection article this noon, taken from

“Hari ini—sesungguhnya setiap hari, merupakan kesempatan baik bagi kita
untuk mengungkapkan kasih. Bukan hanya dengan perkataan, melainkan juga
dengan perbuatan (ayat 18). Orang-orang di sekeliling kita, baik di rumah
maupun di tempat kerja, pasti memiliki berbagai kebutuhan. Selain menyampaikan
perkataan yang simpatik, kita dapat melangkah lebih jauh dalam menunjukkan
kasih kita, yaitu dengan memikirkan cara-cara praktis untuk menolong mereka.

Tidak setiap perbuatan dilandasi kasih, tetapi kasih senantiasa melahirkan tindakan

Read once again the last sentence reader and thinking of the idea beyond that..Got it??! So, l.o.v.e is not just for me and you, lover..:)


I stared beyond your eyes,

You stared at me,
was feeling strange..

I tried to understand your smile,
your clumsy face


Imanmu Menyelamatkanmu

Pagi ini saya membaca ayat acak Alkitab dan menemukan kalimat yang menguatkan hati saya pagi ini.
Petikan kalimatnya seperti ini,

 “…imanmu menyelematkanmu..”

Ketika itu Yesus berada di Galilea untuk mengajar bersama para murid. Di tempat yang sama pula, para ahli Taurat berada bersama-sama dengan Dia.
Ditengah-tengah Ia mengajar, datanglah sekelompok orang yang membawa seorang rekan mereka yang sedang lumpuh. Sekelompok orang itu percaya dan yakin bahwa hanya dengan memegang jubah Yesus maka temannya yang lumpuh akan sembuh.

Membaca petikan kalimat tersebut saya jadi malu.
Sebesar dan sekuat apa iman saya? Bisakah menjadi penyelamat untuk kehidupan saya kelak? Padahal iman menentukan segala perbuatan dan pikiran..

Semoga kita semua diangkat dan diselamatkan.


This few days behind, I received lot of advices.
My friends, mom, siblings told me many wise word. It just came suddenly and suprisely came in the same time (lotus notes messenger..ahaha). For me, they are meaning a lot.

Specially in this moment.

This morning, friend of mine send a message :
 “Morning, how r u today?everythings allright…?”

then after the noon he sent :
 “start your day not just with hope, but with “action” who needs words,   when u got action..”
After being lonely for this few weeks then I take this message as a compliment for my loneliness. Like it.
That advices messages have realised me that I have wonderful, loyal person whom complete my life in this world. They add my values of life..not just them I think, all the human surrounded me completed as well.

Jesus Christ above and based of all, You are the one that permit all this condition happened to me…behind the storm there will come rainbow..


*The messages taken from Dani the sailorman..Thnx Dude!

Strength of Human

I think each people having what I call as unconscious and conscious power.
In our daily life we consider to doing our activities by conscious power. We take some standard from what can we do and what can’t we do.
For sure that’s classification comes up from our conscious thought of how far we can doing activities with our conscious power.

That thought remind me with my experience on few years ago.
Approximately on 2004, a friend of mine whom worked in radio offered me one ticket concert for Maxim (pianist from UK whom in his promotour). He called me around 6 pm, told me that one of my favourites artist had came to Jakarta and did his concert. Spontaneus I answered “Yes! I’ll come to your office and take the ticket” (whereas that time I didn’t have enough money, I mean I just got around 50 thousand rupiah in my pocket). After rang-off the phone I ran to the station and took train in to my friend’s office. That moment me not in secure condition, because I didn’t bring enough money, my battery mobile was low, I came by my self attended the concert without enough money and don’t know how to came home either…=)
But after all, then I watched the concert happily and came home safely (someone picked me up with angry..Goshh…!)

That experience show me that I have somekind what I call as unconscious power inside. Just doing what I believe.
What I mean, I know when I am doing that activity or take chance of it there will come a way which will upgrade my chip of life.
But where it comes from is kind of life’s mystery.
Maybe instead unconscious power I call it as my Holly Spirit’s power.
what a wonderful world

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