Togetherness through Break fasting


Happy Eid Fitri 1431 H dear you whom celebrate the festive!

I just back from Solo during Ramadhan holidays. How about you,, where were you going??!

For all those moslem, month of Ramadhan is highly-anticipated month of a year which there are many activities only held in this month. Not only the activity, some beverages and foods also be presented only in what they called as months a thousand months.

The mostly activity that been held and must be joined by everyone is many kind breakfasting with friends and family. As I know the point of Ramadhan itself  is fasting therefore also be called as fasting month as well. Many people won’t missed the chance in togetherness’ break fasting,this activity is one from many kind activity that must be held, joined and enjoyed. Not exception me also.  Although am not moslems, my friends were not forgotten and alineated. This activity has been part of mine as I studied in government university around 7 years ago…#o Gosh..tua jg gue.

So,,here are some pictures of me and my friends in many place for break fasting.

Goelali in action

IT Department Break fasting

Antropologi 2003

Paragita 2003

Hope all of you enjoy your break fasting together with friends and family.

Once again Happy Eid Fitri 1431 H !! See you in the next Ramadhan




Balinese traditional wedding

Honestly this is my first time attended the Balinese traditional wedding celebration
and suprisingly,it was my cousin’s wedding.

Here are some things to be shared,

Really appreciate Balinese because largely of Balinese family having their own sanctuary. Sure it depends on family’s financial condition -sanctuary’s criteria-. Its carved so beautiful. Knowing how Balinese love and worship their God flicking me out.
The Balinese also plait. They create sanctuary’s decoration from palm tree and it was damn nice. An incredible local knowledge when compared with the city-er.

In this wedding ceremony I did taste traditional food. All was good!Really.
I pretty much like Balinese satay (pork and chicken are my fave).
Its taste spicy and savory. Other is Nasi campur. A dish which consist of rice and many kind of vegetable and side dish. We can find it at traditional market, the last time I ate at
Klungkung traditional market. The famous one menu that called, ayam bumbu bali.  I thought that Jakarta been provided this menu as well.

The bride and groom is really appreciate their elder. They both have to accompany all guests,  serve coffee and traditional snacks during the day. Wedding ceremony itself celebrated in one day, but usually guests has came from two days before.  Poor of my cousin, he even not took a bath in one day! Many guests came like a hundreds for a day…:p

hope can enjoy other traditional wedding ceremony…
maybe the next…me!
Matur sukseme…

Snail Soup @Purwekerto

I want to share my first experience dine snail’s soup.
4 days ago I went to Purwokerto (one among the cities in Central Java) in order to social mission, and this city offered its local food delights, Snail soup.

Nearby our hotel -Hotel Borobudur- there was famous Snail soup seller, called Keong Pasar Pereng Pak Bambang. Located at Pereng traditional market. Snail soup usually selled in the night. So, while dining time came, we couldn’t waste time no more. Snail soup is created from snail (of course) -the small one- and spices. It has clear gravy and the taste was nice and warm up.

How to eat it?
Easy. Just slurping or pulled the snail’s meat with teeth puncture.
This will make you addictive. Trust me.

Read from, Snail that also called “Tutut”  contains macronutrien (form as high protein) and micronutrein (form as mineral and calcium).

Hope u not missed “tutut” while rush past Purwekerto.

Bits Friday

Enjoy the madness of  Jakarta on 14 May 2010


Taken from busway station @ Kuningan

May 9th, 2010 — Weekend w/ Konny


What were you doing last weekend readers?
I’ve been spent busy day with family and friends last weekend.
I’ve a new friends, named Konny Estonactoc. She is Phillipino and yes does pretty. I have changed to company her went to St. Theresia last Sunday. We already browsed the Catholic’s church which having English mass schedule.  After found Kapel Atmajaya which not existed anymore, then we were went to St. Theresia. St. Theresia provide two English mass schedule.Saturday at 4 pm and Sunday at 11 am.
My mom and I did company her after we met the obligations in our church. After picked her up, then we had our breakfast at Bakmi Gondangdia. One among other ancient restaurant in Jakarta. Konny reserved Bakmi Gondangdia with pangsit and meat ball (absolutely large porsion for her) and I reserved nasi cah brokoli. What a very large menu for breakfast. But anyhow, since we will do a lot activities in a day, little grease not affect too much in our wonderland lah..:p
So St. Theresia
This was my first time went to St. Theresia. I did suprise and felt so
mesmerized. The ambience, the prayer, the music, the people those things were comfort me so. Coincidently, that Sunday was also Mother’s Day, so the Father invited all mothers whom attended on that mass no exception my Mom. My mother lined up to get a red rose and greet from Father.
Other situation which also heartwarming while I heard the song titled, Praise Her with Flower, I had tears to my Mom.

Ended up with mass, we went to Leather Exhibition at JCC.
Knowing that I did not had any activity to be attend,  I invited Konny to attended the exhibition. From that exhibit, I know that many goods made of leather which was good. Really.
Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos in the exhibit. So many people and
tired up so.

I do had a great weekend on last Sunday. Hope all of you spent the great weekend as well.

PS : If you had a chance to attend local exhibition, please attend.
At least would add our knowledge.
Auf wiedersehen..!

JJF 2010

Java Jazz Festival 2010 (JJF 2010) was held on 5-7 March 2010 at PRJ Kemayoran. This big event was promoted by PT. Java Festival Production. Thought this is the 4th times of the event.

I got 2 free tickets on 6 and 7 March 2010 and I do went there by night. The parking lot filled for sure. I queued for 1,5 hours and just got parking because of my friend’s car is tiny enough..:D

I missed Shandy Sandoro and Glenn on first day because many audiences (just like me) have in line of the hall. The different is Iwas not persistence to keep my faith and power to get in through the crowd. Instead of both local male singer I went to George Duke’s hall. Who will regret George Duke, btw. Me enjoyed his performance so much. As a man whom has natural born killer insting, he just excellent (while there is no perfection of music itself). Duke’s performance was featuring one male and female vocalist (i did record them). Their not just having an angel voice but also gesture and expression. What an awesome combination.
Quite sexy.

Second day is better than previous day. I mean, from parking side and its queue, thought that there are many people fed up effected they have chosen for not coming in the last day event.
I saw Baby Face, Andien and Rufus. The last day of JJF 2010 was not closed with gala. I mean, it just end as the last performance ended.

Above all the weaknesses and strengths, I do enjoy this JJF 2010. Thanks for the tickets!

Odyssey by Addie MS

Odyssey by Addie MS was"Odyssey" held on 29 November 2009 at Plenary Hall.

That night the concert started at 8.30 pm, 30 minute passed from the schedule.

Odyssey began after Nicolas Saputra did his opening monolog. This monolog followed with Addie and his white conductor costume whom out from backstage. Everybody were applaused welcoming  the main actor that night. 

The Odyssey is concert aimed celebrate his 50 years old and 30 years for his career. The stage was designed with black and white notes of piano. There are also performance chamber, Twillite Orchestra, Twillite Youth and Theresia Chamber Orchestra. Behind chamber area, some empty space used for Twillite Choir supported by STIE Perbanas Choir.

From this concert, I saw that Addie is not just a musician. I mean, he just a man whom persistence on his path and ethusiasm of aspire in life. He already know what he wanted -after he got the piano already-. Since 30 years ago there are a lot things that he had done -me knew from the naration-. Stick in music and education, he always believe that music and education are two among many kind items that have to be concerned. Music bring us peace and passion, always support our feels and brain as well, making peace and understanding in different language which is understand by other -while it just can be heard and feel..sometimes doesn’t need to understand the meaning of the song..just feel it.

From many musicians were involved in this concert, I also saw the other isde of Addie, he  is typical low profile and shy guy also. Funny. Many musicians came from pop and classic genre joined this concert. Some of them are Bunga Citra Lestari, Vina Panduwinata, Linda Sitinjak, Levi Gunardi, Binu Sukaman, his family -Memes, Kevin- and many more.

This concert ended at 12 pm in the silent of night, between the noise of Black Djarum and Wedding exhibition..

Happy birthday Addies MS..!

Bebek Ginyo

Minggu, 14/6/09 kmrn pertama kali saya cobain Bebek Ginyo di Tebet.

Sebenernya saya gak gitu suka bebek si..apalagi bebek yang cerewet!heheh Jadi awalnya kita (+ mama&abang) di perjalanan pulang dari Lebak Bulus ke arah Bekasi. Pikir2 makan apa ya…sambil mikir kita belokin deh mobil ke Tebet..

Dalam pikiran, Bebek Ginyo kirain kaya warung2 gitu, tapi uda keliatan dari depan parkiran (sepintas mirip Radja Ketjil venue-nya, hanya ini lampu-nya lebih terang) bentuk resto-nya self service.  Antriannya cukup panjang, jadi gak kebayang kalo makan siang gmn kira2 keadaannya.

Menu makanannya pastinya Bebek..ada Bebek Bakar, Bebek Sambal Ijo, Bebek Kremes, Sayur Asem, tempe goreng, tempe bacem, tahu bacem, perkedel. Nasi-nya sendiri ada nasi uduk sm nasi putih biasa. Tak lupa ada sambal, sambal terasi (yg ini saya ga coba), sambal merah (yg ini asli pedes dan enak), dan lalapan.  Intinya Bebek Ginyo konsisten sama menu utama bebek dan variasi minuman yang lmyn banyak.

Saya sendiri kemarin mencoba bebek bakar dan bebek sambal ijo. Enak dan pingin nambah lagi…:D Karak udangnya juga enak. Patut dicoba.

Selama satu jam disana, saya lihat pengunjung terus2an datang, dan mengisi bangku2 yang kosong. Tampak para pengunjung merasa nyaman karena lokasi-nya cukup strategis, kursi2nya nyaman, pelayanan yg ramah dan harga yang terjangkau.

above all, sambel merah is my favourite from now…:)

Ah Mei

Friday Noon @ Ah MeiRestoran bergaya melayu-singapura, bertempat di Pejaten Village, lt.1.
Tepat berada di sebelah sebuah restoran yang hampir memiliki citarasa yang serupa, Eaton.


Citarasa “Singapore Original Hawkers Food” disampaikan dengan ditawarkannya berbagai jenis makanan seperti
Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Nasi Briyani, Teh Tarik, Mee Rebus, Bobo Chacha, dan Roti John.
Porsi yang disajikan dikemas dalam beberapa bentuk, ala carte (sajian yang bisa dinikmati bersama-sama) dan layaknya berbagai restoran cepat saji Ah Mei juga menyediakan menu paket, yang dikenal dengan sebutan Ah Mei Set.


Berbagai kelezatan dalam citarasa tersebut dapat dinikmati dengan nilai yang terjangkau. Berbagai makanan dapat dinikmati dengan nilai kurang dari Rp 100.000,- dan untuk minuman tidak lebih dari Rp 50.000,-


Jika anda belum memiliki rencana untuk bepergian minggu ini, Ah Mei bisa dijadikan pilihan untuk santap siang/malam bersama keluarga maupun rekan bisnis anda.


Ah Mei saat ini terletak di Puri Indah Mall, Jakarta Barat dan Pejaten Village, Jakarta Selatan.

Girls @ Grand Indonesia

tata, damar, nana, kitin, tanyong

tata, damar, nana, kitin, tanyong

Senangnya bertemu dengan teman-teman paduan suaraku…berawal dari pertemuan setiap hari minggu,
berlanjut dengan pertemuan seminggu 3 kali kalo lagi ada event..
Akhirnya terajut pertemanan hingga sekarang.
Ga terasa banget uda 6 taun kita berteman, dan rasanya seperti baru kemarin kenal!
Bener2 rahasia Ilahi ya waktu itu…sudah 6 tahun dan tidak terasa.
Kenapa bisa begitu ya?
Kita bisa toleran untuk kelemahan dan kekuatan yang lain.
Bener memang kata orang-orang tua…menjalin hubungan yang baik dengan orang lain memberikan kebahagiaan dan kedamaian..
Intinya seneng buanget..!! Bertemu menertawakan masa lalu dan menceritakan kegiatan kita masing2..
What a wonderful story! Having that friendship is my proud gals..:)
Thanx to Tanyong, Damar, Kitin, Tata, Rohantul…love ya all..


Kapan ya ketemu lagi…dengan formasi lengkap tentunya..!


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