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Song by Alicia Keys – Saviour

Ooh baby now,
I’m tellin” ya
When you need me
I’m there for you anytime
Ooh baby now
Just call my name
I’m runnin’ to get ya anything
I don’t mind
‘Cause boy its in my nature
I don’t care
‘Cause that’s just the way i am
I don’t mind
‘Cause you’re so deserving
Loving you with all that i am
After i’ve give my all
You’ll be there to catch me if i fall

Who’s gonna save me
When I’m empty
I need a someone
To fill me
Will you be my saviour
Rescue me
‘Cause when I’m out saving you
Baby who’s saving me?

Baby I’m
A special kind
Call at the last minute
I’ll be on time
I’ll take an inch
And make a mile
Don’t worry
I got ya
I’ll hold you down
I don’t mind
‘Cause boy its my pleasure
I don’t care
‘Cause that’s just the way i am
I don’t mind
‘Cause baby you’re my treasure
Loving you with all that i am
If I’m all down and hung out to dry
If there’s nothing left
No more inside

Will you still save me
When I’m empty
I need a someone
To fill me
Will you be my saviour
Rescue me
‘Cause when I’m out saving you
Baby who’s saving me?

I’m my number one priority
Ain’t nobody takin’ better care of me than me
Loving hard
Is my tendency
And I’m hoping that
You are the one who is willing to

Just save me
When I’m empty
I need a someone
To fill me
Will you be my saviour
Rescue me
‘Cause when I’m out saving you
Baby who’s saving me?

Will you be my saviour?

Baby who’s saving me?


adelaide’s sky

Song by Adhitia’s.

This song has been my backsound in the morning. While am driving and stuck in the middle of Jakarta’s traffic jam.

So peaceful..

U have to listen it reader..:)



communication is the key, and it’s one thing I had
to learn-to talk to the actors. I was so involved with
the visual and technical aspects that I would forget
about the actors
” – Steve Buscemi


Short and explicit. Communicate definitely represent the
actors. How they talk (the tone, word which used, etc)  explain us regard their feeling and mind in particular time.

This quote exactly can be implemented in any situation.
Unexception mine. I am undergoing the long distance relationship
with my Pie. He has stayed at Palembang, South Sumatra for indefinitely and me at Jakarta. I agree maybe this kind of relation is so usual for you,  some couples, and read my story is kinda silly reading. But do not worry ladies/gentleman whom sitting in the same bench as me. Been there and still on progress by now.
First month is full of tears. Many condition and things remind me of him (I betcha he felt the same!!). Cause realize that we are apart in hundred kilos has really bite me. The one that God thanked is we are still 2gether in this rich country. Although have to spend more money for communication, I do will do. We always phoning everyday. Share the daily’s stories. Heard his voice, laugh, anger, sad, etc make me happier.
Second month, time after time judulnya akhirnya terbiasa.
We are more creative. I mean, we more enjoy (read : condition acceptance) and try to looking many ways of communication. As example, buy many phone chips (I got 3 providers by now). Looking for promo which been held by phone provider (jd itu yg i do will do di paragraf sblmnya…batal. hehe..reality bites.) Then, we also do the video call, email, chat, the point is all kind mode of communication yg mendukung “keingintahuan” kegiatan si pasangan pokoknya, dan tentunya, murah…:)
The third will come forward soon…tp rehat sebentar ya..soalnya
Pie dateng si hari ini…ahay!!
—to be continued—

do we live to eat or eat to live?

 This question raised up while i was attending my friend’s wedding party. The party was held for 2 hours and enough to made me want to run away immediately.

Problem was dinner.

I had been wondered, precisely as this article’s title, do we live to eat or eat to live? Every people in that night were seemed hunger a lot (time showed at 8 pm). Me and my mom were stucked at the moment by the time we entered the garden (actually the party was designed as a garden party but rain had screwed up their plan I guess). We were looked around, come on…there wasn’t food..! great.

I haunted in every food’s spot but NIHIL. No food.

But thats ok. My main concern was regard their(invitees) attitude while faced the food. There is no queue anymore, people were attacked from many sides (in the queue there should be any one side toh), their eyes were so greedy while saw the food (there are somewhich are presented later). Suddenly, I hold my mom’s hand and said “let’s go home, mom. Better eat soto at our shop”




Balinese traditional wedding

Honestly this is my first time attended the Balinese traditional wedding celebration
and suprisingly,it was my cousin’s wedding.

Here are some things to be shared,

Really appreciate Balinese because largely of Balinese family having their own sanctuary. Sure it depends on family’s financial condition -sanctuary’s criteria-. Its carved so beautiful. Knowing how Balinese love and worship their God flicking me out.
The Balinese also plait. They create sanctuary’s decoration from palm tree and it was damn nice. An incredible local knowledge when compared with the city-er.

In this wedding ceremony I did taste traditional food. All was good!Really.
I pretty much like Balinese satay (pork and chicken are my fave).
Its taste spicy and savory. Other is Nasi campur. A dish which consist of rice and many kind of vegetable and side dish. We can find it at traditional market, the last time I ate at
Klungkung traditional market. The famous one menu that called, ayam bumbu bali.  I thought that Jakarta been provided this menu as well.

The bride and groom is really appreciate their elder. They both have to accompany all guests,  serve coffee and traditional snacks during the day. Wedding ceremony itself celebrated in one day, but usually guests has came from two days before.  Poor of my cousin, he even not took a bath in one day! Many guests came like a hundreds for a day…:p

hope can enjoy other traditional wedding ceremony…
maybe the next…me!
Matur sukseme…

Snail Soup @Purwekerto

I want to share my first experience dine snail’s soup.
4 days ago I went to Purwokerto (one among the cities in Central Java) in order to social mission, and this city offered its local food delights, Snail soup.

Nearby our hotel -Hotel Borobudur- there was famous Snail soup seller, called Keong Pasar Pereng Pak Bambang. Located at Pereng traditional market. Snail soup usually selled in the night. So, while dining time came, we couldn’t waste time no more. Snail soup is created from snail (of course) -the small one- and spices. It has clear gravy and the taste was nice and warm up.

How to eat it?
Easy. Just slurping or pulled the snail’s meat with teeth puncture.
This will make you addictive. Trust me.

Read from, Snail that also called “Tutut”  contains macronutrien (form as high protein) and micronutrein (form as mineral and calcium).

Hope u not missed “tutut” while rush past Purwekerto.

Bits Friday

Enjoy the madness of  Jakarta on 14 May 2010


Taken from busway station @ Kuningan

May 9th, 2010 — Weekend w/ Konny


What were you doing last weekend readers?
I’ve been spent busy day with family and friends last weekend.
I’ve a new friends, named Konny Estonactoc. She is Phillipino and yes does pretty. I have changed to company her went to St. Theresia last Sunday. We already browsed the Catholic’s church which having English mass schedule.  After found Kapel Atmajaya which not existed anymore, then we were went to St. Theresia. St. Theresia provide two English mass schedule.Saturday at 4 pm and Sunday at 11 am.
My mom and I did company her after we met the obligations in our church. After picked her up, then we had our breakfast at Bakmi Gondangdia. One among other ancient restaurant in Jakarta. Konny reserved Bakmi Gondangdia with pangsit and meat ball (absolutely large porsion for her) and I reserved nasi cah brokoli. What a very large menu for breakfast. But anyhow, since we will do a lot activities in a day, little grease not affect too much in our wonderland lah..:p
So St. Theresia
This was my first time went to St. Theresia. I did suprise and felt so
mesmerized. The ambience, the prayer, the music, the people those things were comfort me so. Coincidently, that Sunday was also Mother’s Day, so the Father invited all mothers whom attended on that mass no exception my Mom. My mother lined up to get a red rose and greet from Father.
Other situation which also heartwarming while I heard the song titled, Praise Her with Flower, I had tears to my Mom.

Ended up with mass, we went to Leather Exhibition at JCC.
Knowing that I did not had any activity to be attend,  I invited Konny to attended the exhibition. From that exhibit, I know that many goods made of leather which was good. Really.
Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos in the exhibit. So many people and
tired up so.

I do had a great weekend on last Sunday. Hope all of you spent the great weekend as well.

PS : If you had a chance to attend local exhibition, please attend.
At least would add our knowledge.
Auf wiedersehen..!

Infrastructure Asia 2010


Last week I have experienced as sales promotion girl (yeah that one..:D) for my company.
Our main office which located at Yokohama was joined into Infrastructure Asia 2010 exhibition
at Pekan Raya Jakarta, Kemayoran – Jakarta.

The exhibition was conducted for 4 days (14 upto 17 April 2010) and joined by some companies
which engaged with infrastructure. Mr. President do came on second days for sightseeing and

I give you all some pictures to be enjoyed.

Mr. Bandung, Mrs. Ina, Ms. Nana, Mr. Miyama

Left side



 “bosan adalah keadaan dimana pikiran menginginkan perubahan, mendambakan sesuatu yang baru, dan menginginkan berhentinya rutinitas hidup dan keadaan yang monoton dari waktu ke waktu

Pernah merasa bosan pasti toh?
Saya terjerumus dengan pikiran itu sekarang. Jenuh sangat.
Bosan yang tak terkatakan..saking bosannya.

Saya sempat melakukan beberapa aktifitas untuk mengatasi kebosanan saat kerja. Saya ambil les bahasa dan les musik. But u know what,  yang ada hanya berhenti di tengah jalan karena bosan dan waktunya juga tidak pas. Ternyata melakukan kegiatan itu kalau tidak dari hati susah sekali menjalankannya,kendala hanya dilihat jadi kendala bukan tantangan.
Dulu waktu zaman sekolah, saya lihat semuanya sebagai tantangan yang menyenangkan saya rasa karena ga perlu mikir uangnya darimana. Saya tinggal berangkat les, “menghabiskan” uang  sangu, kerjakan pr les, latihan, main..kegiatan yang membosankan pada saatnya tapi jadi sesuatu yang sangat mahal benar saat ini.
i need some new good books…^_*

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