Times Goes By

First friday in this month, me and my choir friend having nostalgi at Balai Mahasiswa (Student Public Hall), Salemba. We have met again for welcoming PSM Paragita’s concert 25th anniversary on next May 2009.



Met old friends is one activity that should be done and added on my current agenda. You know that time goes by and I won’t let my time just flew away like a sand in anshore, and reunion is like magic words which brighten my day…
Absolutely enjoy all reunion moment.


Back again to BM (Balai Mahasiswa).
That night I came with Tata, my dear funny fellow, she’s so brave and funny (that’s  Sumatran nature I guess). Every single step that I had bring back that memories.
Yeah…”that” memories..ow Gosh…how she could become as our god that time….ahahha…
But after all we’ve been trough came again to my beloved BM and being greeted with friends was raisen my joy..







Never thought that Friday night brighter my day..:)


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